Wednesday, 20 May 2009



What the game is about.

Single genre.

Puzzles should be presented as a flowchart.

Prototypes… Point and click? Powerpoint, maybe…

Gameplay charts.


Journalism in 1888 Londons, how newspapers were printed in the times. How illustrations were done.

Capital punishment in the UK 1880s.

Jack the Ripper: Possibly a doctor.

Conspiracy theories.



Gameplay elements include:

Investigating crime scenes and following clues.

Play as a journalist. This journalist wants to discover the identity of Jack the Ripper because: He has a personal agenda, related to prostitute, wants to get fresh evidence to sell newspapers, etc, etc. (Haven't decided.) This could also be the reason why the mystery was never solved.
Everyone also loves an anti-hero. (Journalist steals evidence from police, perhaps?)

As well as investigating crime scenes:
Talk to people, interact with publishers.

Play as a prostitute at the beginning of each chapter.

Letters are sent to the media and police, as someone who wants to discover the murderer's identity, you have to work out which are hoaxes and which are authentic.

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