Monday, 1 June 2009

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Project Mc Ripper

Gender: Puzzle Adventure

We Must: Explain the concept VERY WELL


Flash Presentation that moves inwards, zoom in on an element for next screen.
GOAL 5 – Layers

Needed Images:
Jack the Ripper
The Murder
Third Person view of journalist. In-game
Chasing jack Image first puzzle
The newspaper room

Layer 1:

Introduction: Jack The Ripper

Layer 2:

News Paper room (History Lesson) – Adams

How the news paper is a part of the whole Jack the Ripper universe.

Layer 3:

Gameplay, Puzzles

The game takes place entirely inside a newspaper world. You control xxx in third person and walk around a very surreal version of London. The city will be drawn in Illustrated London Style with LETTERS texturing the space (Line in the Opening Image). You’re able to go to different location and unlock more areas (A bit like jumping inside a painting in Mario). The player will be able to talk to people (In the newspaper world these would be interviews).

The different locations are quite linear NOT OPEN WORLD, you’re only able to access a fragment of the areas that would be found in illustrations. The puzzle mostly involves connecting information from the articles & Interview and pieces them together with other articles to access more areas.

The new Paper room will look like a mad mans collection of news articles posted on the wall red lines drawn from one location to the other. This room will work as an Overworld map of London and will in end look like the professors room from the movie A Beautiful Mind. Making the player question of mentality xxx.

Puzzle Notes 1/6 -09:

The Chase = Maybe

Layer 4:

Animation (The death)

Layer 5:

Final (Lo-Fi Prototype) – The presentation itself is a low-fi version.

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