Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Some Puzzles - more to come maybe?

The Chase: Journalist is following Jack the Ripper, Ripper runs into a building, locks door behind him. Journalist has to find another way in the building. (And by other way in, I mean puzzle.)
The puzzle itself… something to do with a door. You have to choose the right key, perhaps? There could be a shed… out the back of the house. With tons of keys. You have to choose the right one. Maybe the keyhole can match the key.
Once in the house, you encounter one of the murders. (Which would have been played out earlier.)

The Letter Puzzle: Three of the letters you acquire share a similar pattern. When laid over the top of each other, the letters on the page form an icon – this icon would lead the player somewhere. (A building that shares the same icon on it somewhere perhaps.)

Robbing from the Police: Journalist, wanting to solve the mystery for himself, steals evidence from the police. In order to do this, the journalist must do the following:
• Spy through the window and see where the evidence is hidden.
• Find where the key to the evidence drawer is and get it.
• Distract the police in the evidence room and cause them to leave. (This step must be performed last, otherwise the police could come back before you finish all the steps.)
If the steps are not completed, the journalist will simply not go into the room.

Writing on the wall: One of the letters you receive bears the same message as the one that was written on the wall. The writing on the letter has four mysterious circles drawn over it. The circles on the letter correspond to certain bricks on the wall. Each of the bricks come loose. In the first compartment there are two matches, the second compartment there are three, in the third there is one and in the fourth there are four.
(Somehow this is a sequence for something, what, I don’t know.)

Code puzzle?

TO DRAW – Room with flowchart in it, sequence murder

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